The Minute-by-Minute Workout

1 Jun

Kami, this one’s for you!


Over the past twenty years or so running has been my go-to workout. Running is efficient and effective; that’s why it is so popular. However, we all know how hard it is to stay motivated let alone find the time to stick to a running schedule. Last year, after training for and finishing a grueling relay race, I decided to take a break from running for a while. That’s when I came up with this minute-by-minute workout. It’s super efficient and can take as much or as little time as you have to give it. So, grab your kitchen timer, a jump rope (or not), some hand weights (or water bottles) and let’s go.

To start, make sure you’re dressed for working out, have on your workout shoes of choice, and have enough space to swing your arms and not get hurt. Set your timer down somewhere you can see it easily and start the clock.

Minute 1: jump rope (either use a real one or imagine you have one)

Minute 2: squats with an over-head lift (arms out in front, elbows bent to a square, weights up, press arms up over head). Squat knees behind the toes, bottom out behind you. As you come up, press arms up over head making sure your arms don’t fall below shoulder level. Careful not to arch your back. Keep your tailbone tucked under  to protect your spine.

Minute 3: jog in place (make sure to swing those arms)

Minute 4: alternating lunges with a bicep curl (make sure your knee stays behind your toe and your elbows stay behind your body).

Minute 5:  jump rope

Minute 6:  plie squat with a military press (arms out to the side, elbows bent to a square, weights up, press up over head). Legs wide, toes angled out, bend knees and squat. As you come up, press arms up over head. Never let your arms fall below your shoulders.

Minute 7:  jumping jacks

Minute 8 and 9: 2 sets each of 15 push-ups (modified on knees if needed), 20 traditional crunches, 20 bicycle crunches

Minute 10: jump rope.

You can keep adding to the routine minute by minute, or repeat the 10-minute routine two or three times as your endurance builds. Some busy days (or lazy days) I stick with the 10 minute routine; I feel the burn and work up a sweat in just that short amount of time.

Don’t worry if jumping rope is clumsy at first. With time and practice you will get faster and trip up less.

Make sure your form is correct on these moves (sorry I can’t be in your home to help you with this); this should be challenging but not uncomfortable or painful. Go fast enough to keep your heart rate up but slow enough that your form is good. Most of all, smile and enjoy moving and breathing. Sometimes simply getting up and moving is all the motivation you need to start living a healthier, more active life.

© 2011, Fifi’s Fat Farm


3 Responses to “The Minute-by-Minute Workout”

  1. Kami June 8, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    SWEET!!! Thanks friend! This is a great workout! (PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chip cookie recipe!)


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