Flat Belly Yoga

28 Dec


The holidays can be an especially difficult time for maintaining health and fitness routines. I must admit that even I fell off the wagon (at least to some degree) this Christmas. One cinnamon roll too many has left me feeling more than a little bloated. So I pulled myself out of bed this morning and hit the treadmill. After a nice 30 minute run, I rolled out my favorite yoga mat for some flat belly yoga. Seven wonderful, sweaty minutes is all it takes. So grab your mat, set your timer and follow these seven poses to a firmer abdomen. Hold each pose for one minuter (or at least aim for one minute. Yoga is a practice; as you build strength, you will be able to hold each pose longer and longer).

Flat Belly Yoga

1. Plank pose. This can be done either on your hands (high) or on your elbows.

2. Side plank, right. Again, high or low.

3. Side plank, left.

4. Table top.

5. Boat pose. Sometimes I like to straighten my legs like in a Pilates teaser in this pose to add a challenge.

6. Wheel pose (back bend). This pose is challenging. Do it for as long as you can. If you fatigue, simply drop into a bridge pose.

7. End with down dog.

I always feel revived after doing yoga. Yummy is the word that comes to mind.



© 2012 Fifi’s Fat Farm


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