New Year, New You?

1 Jan

As a general rule, I don’t make resolutions. I feel that in our culture, resolutions are little more than procrastinated failures. We set them. We fail at them. We sit around and laugh about them. No, I don’t set resolutions. I make goals. And I don’t make year-long goals. Short-term, achievable goals work best not just for me but for most people. And that is exactly why resolutions don’t work: they are too vague, typically too broad, and traditionally pretty lofty.

Studies have shown that people trying to lose weight are more successful if they set short-term, attainable goals, making a few small changes each week rather then diving in and trying to make sudden, drastic lifestyle changes. An example is a goal I have set, and one that I’d like you (yes, you, the reader out there that I have never met) to follow along with me. This week (and hopefully every week to come) let’s walk or run at least one mile per day. Really, that’s not asking too much. Start today. Lace up your walking or running shoes and hit the pavement or treadmill.


And remember to make yourself accountable. Find a friend to work on the goal with you. Or, better yet, come here at the the end of the week and let me know if you were able keep this commitment. Did you walk or run at least one mile every day? Really, we can do this! 

Then, next week check back again and we’ll set another goal, the weekly challengeI promise you’ll be happy you did!


3 Responses to “New Year, New You?”


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