HIIT the Deck!

25 Jan

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So yesterday’s ice storm left me with a house full of energetic kids and no sports practice or classes to take them to. They were antsy, as was I. This January weather is really beginning to wear on all of us. Can you say Cabin Fever?

Out of desperation to motivate my house-bound family to move their butts, I pulled out a deck of cards and replicated what Bob Harper did on the Biggest Loser. (He didn’t think of that card-game workout, by the way. My kids gym teacher has been doing this with them for years.) Every suit is assigned a different exercise and the numbers on the cards dictate how many reps are performed.


Royalty are 10 reps and Aces 1 (because 11 is such and odd number, right?). Jokers are a 30 second rest. For our workout diamonds=skaters, clubs=squats, spades=squat jumps, and hearts=push ups, but you can choose any moves you’d like. It took us about 12-15 minutes (I wasn’t exactly timing the activity) to get through the deck. Everybody, including yours truly, worked up a good sweat.

All those intervals of exercises had me thinking about this Tabata routine:

Totally Tabata

It looks like I’ve got another busy weekend ahead of me. This level 2 Tabata may just be the go-to workout this Saturday. Not familiar with Tabata? Check out this post for a quick brush-up on this super time-saving training technique.


3 Responses to “HIIT the Deck!”

  1. FitnessLover95 January 25, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

    I’ve done this deck-of-cards workout before and I love it!

  2. Barbara Garfield January 26, 2013 at 12:41 am #

    Thanks for the idea, I had my kids do this today after I read this. It was a lifesaver for my “poor” bored kids!!

  3. Ali February 20, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    Love your blog and that you did the workout with your children! For the deck of cards workout, try RipDeck, our deck of cards iPhone workout app.

    Share with us your fav custom RipDeck workout and we may feature it and your blog on our In-App News, Facebook and Twitter.

    We would love video of you and the children doing a RipDeck workout! We could use it on our website and YouTube, if you all are interested.



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