Weekly Challenge: Awareness

12 Feb

The good life is a process

My husband whisked me away last weekend for a trip out of town–with no kids. Well, we really just went for a quick trip to visit family and help say farewell to a lovely niece as she embarks on a new life journey. (We love you, Kelcey!) Nevertheless, a flight sans children meant I had some time to read. I’ve been studying wellness coaching, a field that fascinates me. Specifically, I’ve been reading Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change by Michael Arloski, PhD (Whole Person Associates, 2009). (BTW, this is not a paid endorsement.) In my reading, I came across this quote by Don Ardell:

“The defining characteristics of a wellness lifestyle/mindset are a strong sense of personal responsibility, exceptional physical fitness due to disciplined commitment to regular/vigorous exercise and sound diet, a positive outlook and a devotion to and capacity for critical thinking, joy in life and openness to new discoveries about the meaning and purposes of life.”

Arloski goes on to explain that the key to  living a healthy life is a high level of personal awareness. Many of us live life on autopilot; this is the very root of all our habits. What did you do upon waking this morning? Why did you do that? Habit? Are your autopilot habits life affirming or detrimental? Seriously, think about it.

The key to breaking a habit or beginning a new, healthier habit is awareness. How do we become aware? One way is journalling. As often as possible, reflect, record, and evaluate your day/week. Try to recall events, both major and minor, accomplishments, feelings, and interactions. And remember to evaluate these things; put some thought into it.

For this week’s challenge try something new and journal about it.

Pick something new, switch up your routine. Take a new route to work. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Eat your meal at the opposite end of the table. Try a new workout. Observe how small changes can affect your perception and awareness throughout the day.

On a side note, last week I was honored to be nominated by Confessions of a Fitness Lover for this little award:

vibPart of being nominated for this award is nominating 15 other blogs. 15?! Gulp. In all honesty, I’d LOVE to nominate someone for this award. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in the blogging community long enough to connect with 15 other bloggers.

So, thank you, Steph!  I am so flattered by your nomination.

I urge everyone to explore the Internet and connect with health and fitness bloggers. There are thousands of us waiting and willing to offer support and motivation for your wellness journey.


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