26 Feb

Anyone who has been involved in fitness for any length of time knows that in fitness trends come and go. There is no one right workout for every body–though the informercials will tell you otherwise. The key to fitness is finding out what works for you, what engages you, and what fits your lifestyle and ability level and sticking to it.

My quest for fitness began with running. My sister was a runner. She was thin, fit, and happy. So, the summer before my freshman year of high school I decided to try running for myself. I failed. I couldn’t run even one block. I was young but out of shape, moderately overweight, and lacked the guidance to get me on the right track.

Over time–and by time I mean years–I not only improved my fitness level but also acquired an affinity for running. I ran daily for up to an hour for several years. But as most runners know, man can not stay fit by running alone. A balanced fitness regimen requires change and balance. So after the birth of my first child I added yoga and Pilates to my regular workout schedule.

Fast forward 13 years and …


… I completed my Sport Yoga certification. Why Sport Yoga as apposed to traditional yoga? Well, because Sport Yoga incorporates my other love–Pilates. LOVE!

My passion for yoga and Pilates has now led me to my newest passion:


Barre3 blends yoga, Pilates and ballet-barre style exercises. Besides the obvious, what I love about Barre3 is that if you live in an area like I do that has no studios, you can access the workouts by subscribing to the videos on their website. The workouts are varied and broken up into 10, 30, 40, or 60 minute workouts, so you can pick the workout that best suits your needs and your schedule.

Frequently I get up and 6:00 am and get in 30 minutes of cardio, then, later in the afternoon I’ll fit in a 10 or 30 minute Barre3 workout. It’s so convenient and after 3 weeks I can tell you that I feel the changes in my body already!

If you aren’t ready to subsribe ($15 a month is all) they do offer a few sample (read: free) workouts too!

Go on, give it a try!


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