I’m on it!

10 Oct

I promise I have not been slacking. Well, except for today because today I don’t feel well. I’ve had sickies all over my house for two weeks now and it looks like the cold they’ve been slogging through has finally caught up to me. But I promise, other than today, we’ve been plenty busy around here and working out every day. And guess who I finally got to go running with me?


(Yes, I know I need new shoes. These ones have seen their fair share of miles. And, yes, that is an arch support in my minimalist, zero drop shoe. That’s because plantar fasciitis is kinda ridiculous.)

After years of trying, I’ve finally converted my husband to running. He plays basketball three mornings a week for 1 to 2 hours and that has kept him in pretty good shape. In August he started adding running three mornings a week. Guess what!? He shaved off 13 pounds in one short month. And, the best part, he says he feels better, tighter, and more athletic than ever. Someday I’ll get him to run a relay with me. Someday.

So, you caught that, what I wrote up there under that picture, right? I’ve been struggling with plantar fasciitis for six months now. I’m happy to say that I am finally over the hill and headed will into recovery now. If you’ve ever struggled with plantar fasciitis (basically tendinitis in the bottom of your foot characterized by heel pain, especially first thing in the morning) then you know how painful, how downright miserable it is. And unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to treat. I visited with a sports medicine doctor and I’ll share with you what he told me, along with tips that worked for me and tips that didn’t.

First off, the doctor told me that my plantar fasciitis was caused by an imbalance in my pelvis. I thought this was interesting as I am a yoga instructor and regularly practice Pilates. He told me that I needed to strengthen my core (again, struck me as odd, but whatever). So that’s exactly what I did. I upped my Pilates practice to several times a week (a little nearly every day) and did plenty of planks to help strengthen my core (I’ll post a tutorial later).

Second, I iced my foot after every run. I filled a large bowl with ice water and soaked my foot for 15 to 20 minutes. Not comfortable, but extremely effective.

Third, I wore the boot–every night.


It’s ugly and very difficult to sleep in, but if you have plantar fasciitis, the boot (or night splint) is a must! Wear it religiously; trust me on this!

What didn’t work? If you search the Internet you’re going to come across the advice to stretch the bottom of your foot by rolling it on a tennis or (heaven forbid) a golf ball. I found this to be VERY excruciating and only increased my pain. I’ve heard from many people that rolling their foot helped them, but not me. Nope, I don’t recommend it.

Another thing I tried was KT tape. There are also plenty of tutorials out there on how to tape your foot to aide recovery from plantar fasciitis. I taped. I taped every day. I taped for every run. I felt no relief at all. But, I did feel all legit with the KT tape across my foot and up my ankle. After all, you always see Olympic athletes sporting the stuff like it’s fashion. So, tape if you think it looks cool, but for me it didn’t help with the pain at all.

So, there you have it–the keys to overcoming plantar fasciitis:

  • Strengthen your core (think Pilates and planks)
  • Ice after every run
  • Wear the boot!

You’ll be back to running and walking pain free, I promise.

(This post is in no way meant to take the place of qualified medical care. So, as always, seek the advice of a licensed medical professional.)

And before I forget, you NEED to get this book. No, really. It’s a need, for sure.




2 Responses to “I’m on it!”

  1. John October 10, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    Have you tried freezing a small bottle of water and using it as a roller on the bottom of your foot?

    • Fifi October 10, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

      Sure did. Ouch! But, I have heard that works for plenty of other people. 🙂

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