I Found a New Love

15 Jan

I have been writing and working on publishing novels since I was 22 years old. I never thought I’d find something I love doing more than writing. But, low and behold, I find myself waking up giddy every Tuesday because I know that Wednesday I get to teach Sport Yoga/Pilates to my favorite ladies. I think I definitely get more from my Healthy Hump-day classes than the women that I teach simply because I get to do something that I love.


(Image courtesy of Google Images)

As much as I love running, Pilates and Sport Yoga feel SOOO good. My body craves it and rewards me for indulging.

Every class, I tell my “students” that I love downward-facing dog. It’s my happy pose and I sincerely encourage everyone to make down dog their happy pose.

But to make it a workout I like to include a move some call “Dogging Cobra” in my routines. Basically, start in down dog, exhale and as you inhale come into up dog. Feel that stretch and as you exhale, move back into down dog. Repeat, moving with your breath.


You will seriously feel this move in your abs, shoulders, chest, hips, and even your butt and thighs. Talk about an all-in-one move.

Give it a try; I promise, you’ll thank me later.


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