***We have moved. Please follow at www.ReadRunRadiate.blogspot.com

Please visit us and follow at http://www.ReadRunRadiate.blogspot.com

While I’m no nutritionist and am not qualified to offer medical advice, I am a full-fledged fitness enthusiast (not the crazy body-building type, but the kinder, gentler, fit mama type). I am a certified lifestyle and weight management consultant and personal fitness trainer, hoping my passion for fitness and nutrition will one day become profitable in some way. Like you, I’m not perfect; I still love ice cream and Diet Coke. I believe in a balance of activity, natural foods, and just-plain-good recipes. Oh, and my fitness motto: Work stronger, not longer!


One Response to “***We have moved. Please follow at www.ReadRunRadiate.blogspot.com”

  1. Kami June 1, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Ooooo… I can tell this is going to be a favorite website for me! Thanks for sharing!

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